Consorzio Tutela Taleggio

The Consorzio Tutela Taleggio was set up in 1979 and oversees every stage of production of this cheese.

The most important activities carried out by this consortium which works to promote Taleggio cheese are to protect, endorse, promote and ensure genuine quality – which means overseeing all stages of production and sale, both in Italy and abroad.
Respecting rules and improving quality. These two ideas are the consortium's twin foundations, which are ensured thanks to increasingly scientific checks. Today, the consortium is working ever more closely with other similar groups to form a united front representing PDO and PGI products.

Consorzio Tutela Taleggio
Via Roggia Vignola, 9
24047 Treviglio (BG)
Phone: +39 0363.304164
Fax:+39 0363.304387
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