La Casa di Alti Formaggi is a place to wander round, increase your knowledge of food and wine and generally spark your imagination. It's a place to experience unique gastronomic combinations. You can enjoy itineraries and activities full of ideas, in which you are guided by flavours on a journey full of rich seasonal colours and aromas typical to the local landscape and the people who live there.

Education and information are at the heart of this project which reflects the very best culinary traditions that Italy has to offer. La Casa di Alti Formaggi gives cooking lessons focusing on skilled and elaborate recipes using cheese and other foods. You might also enjoy watching live performances by chefs from top kitchens. You can find out about top-quality local food products and discover the small businesses which are protecting regional traditions.

Thanks to a series of workshops and talks given by experts, you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about the world of cheese and gastronomy in general. You can discover more about cheese and all the ways it can be served with other local specialities such as wine, pickles and jams. It's also possible to organise educational programmes for children and teenagers at the Casa di Alti Formaggi. Don't miss out on this opportunity to really taste life.
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