La casa

La Casa di Alti Formaggi came about thanks to the close collaboration and commitment of these Consorzi di Tutela. La Casa di Alti Formaggi is a place for food and wine enthusiasts and Italian food lovers – especially cheese enthusiasts - to meet.

The cheese consortiums complement each other and share a common history, culture and land. This union has led to the creation of this unique space which showcases the values, flavours and traditions of Italy.

Cheese is an extraordinary and complex food. It represents tradition, local speciality and the land itself. Nonetheless, it is a product at risk as the values it represents are threatened by mass-produced foodstuffs. The distance between producer and consumer is getting longer and longer, which is why it is now so difficult to get hold of high-quality, genuine products.

There was a real need for a well-established and unique place in the region, alive and dynamic, which could provide concrete examples of healthy and natural lifestyles.
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