Gambero Rosso cookbook "A world of flavors"

A World of Flavors is the cookbook of Gambero Rosso that contains a collection of recipes designed and produced to raise awareness of and appreciate the three products of excellence Italian cheese: Provolone Valpadana P.D.O., Taleggio P.D.O. and Salva Cremasco P.D.O..
Alti Formaggi and Gambero Rosso together have made this wonderful cookbook full of unique and original recipes to bring to the table with taste and wisdom Lombard P.D.O. cheeses.

Cooking whit Alti Formaggi

Provolone Valpadana, Salva Cremasco and Taleggio are three jewels of Italian cheesemaking, three products very different from each other even if they have elements in common: their region
of origin, Lombardy, and the milk they are based on – full-fat cow’s milk. They are also all P.D.O. products (Protected Designation of Origin).
But besides these resemblances, they have different histories and offer three different flavors to explore and savor. All three are little masterworks from Italian cheese maestros, worth tasting on their own to appreciate the slightest variations in sensations. All are wonderful companions in the kitchen, and not only for use in classic preparations of Italian tradition such as risotto, pasta and salad. Thanks to their extreme flexibility, Provolone Valpadana, Salva Cremasco and Taleggio work perfectly in many delicious creative recipes.
Some pairings seem unusual at first sight, but tasting shows them to be winners. Dishes that seem worlds apart, at the table can reveal themselves to be unexpectedly close.
Would you ever have imagined, for example, that with Taleggio you could give a special touch to a tortilla of potatoes and chorizo? What about a satisfying kebab of sword fish and Provolone Valpadana, served with a yogurt sauce? Did you ever think of Salva Cremasco in a delicious omelet with spring onion and sprouts? But the list we’ve prepared is quite long. Get comfortable, turn the pages and then go into the kitchen to see how easy it is, with a pinch of fantasy and the right ingredients, to take a trip around the world…at your own table.
Text: Pina Sozio
Graphic design: Simona Picchiarelli
Layout: Simona Picchiarelli, Maria Victoria Santiago
Photography editor: Rossella Fantina
Photography: Mario Sjoberg
Illustrations: Maria Victoria Santiag

publication created by Gambero Rosso for Alti Formaggi in the month of April 2015

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