Taleggio PDO “brusco”

Taleggio PDO “brusco”

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. Difficulty: Low . Cheese: Taleggio PDO . Servings per: 4 people


Without crustaceans Without crustaceans


200 g Taleggio PDO
100 g fresh full-cream milk
30 g butter
30 g extra fine soft wheat flour
40 g egg yolk

for the coating
1 egg
extra fine soft wheat flour
maize flour

to serve
cooking salt


Heat the milk in a saucepan and, just before it comes to the boil, add the Taleggio PDO cut into pieces, stirring vigorously to melt. In another saucepan, melt the butter, add the flour all together, stir and cook for a few seconds until a pale roux has formed.

Then add the milk with the Taleggio PDO, a little at a time, on a medium heat, mixing with a wooden spoon or a whisk to prevent lumps forming. As soon as it comes to the boil, reduce the heat and leave to simmer for a few minutes, like an ordinary béchamel: when the sauce has thickened, switch the heat off, season with salt to taste and leave to cool down, stirring from time to time to prevent lumps forming.

Beat in the yolks with a whisk and roll out the mixture on a slightly damp surface (a baking sheet or a marble surface) to a thickness of approx. 1.5 cm. Leave to cool completely. Cut into lozenges or any other shape you prefer, dip in the lightly beaten egg, then into the flour, then into the egg again and lastly into the maize flour and fry in plenty of hot oil until golden. Drain on kitchen paper, sprinkle with a little cooking salt and serve immediately.

by Corrado Carpi – “La Bigoncia” restaurant – Genoa
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Taleggio cheese
Taleggio cheese

Taleggio cheese is an italian cheese with a long history, dating back to before the 10th century