Taleggio PDO cheeseburger

Taleggio PDO cheeseburger

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. Difficulty: Low . Cheese: Taleggio PDO . Servings per: 4 people . Cooking: 20 min


Without dry fruits Without dry fruits
Without crustaceans Without crustaceans


for the bread
300 g extra fine soft wheat flour
200 g fine soft wheat flour
230 ml warm water
1 egg
30 g soft butter
30 g sugar
10 g brewer’s yeast
1 teaspoon of salt

for the coating
1 egg yolk lightly beaten with two spoonfuls of milk
sesame seeds

for the sausage hamburgers
500 g minced beef
400 g sausage
one teaspoon sweet mustard
salt & pepper

for the cheeseburger
2-3 slices of Taleggio PDO
1 lettuce leaf
1-2 round slices of tomato
raw onion rings
tomato ketchup


Dissolve the yeast in a little water together with the sugar. Leave to rest for a few minutes in a covered bowl in a warm place, until ripples appear on the surface. Place the flour on the pastry board, add the dissolved yeast, part of the remaining water and the egg; begin kneading, gradually adding the remaining water, a little at a time.

Lastly, add the butter, cut into pieces, and the salt. Knead for approx. ten minutes, until you obtain a smooth dough that does not stick to your hands. Leave to prove until it doubles in size (approx. two hours). Then, on a lightly floured work surface, deflate the dough, knead for a few more minutes and divide into 8 equal pieces.

Form each one into a round roll with a diameter of 6-8 cm and arrange on a baking sheet covered in greaseproof paper, well spaced from one another. Brush with the egg and milk mixture, sprinkle with sesame seeds and leave to prove for another hour. Bake at 190°C for 18-20 minutes, then take out of the oven and leave to cool completely before cutting.

For the hamburgers:
Skin the sausage and mix the meat with the minced beef, seasoning it with the mustard, salt and pepper. Form meatballs with your hands and flatten them slightly to give them the shape of a hamburger. The diameter should be the same or slightly larger than the rolls.
Cook the hamburgers in a non-stick frying pan or under the grill and immediately fill the rolls: first the lettuce, then the tomato, the onion rings, the meat and lastly the Taleggio PDO, cut into thin slices. Season to taste with the ketchup and serve.


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Italian Cheeses

Taleggio cheese
Taleggio cheese

Taleggio cheese is an italian cheese with a long history, dating back to before the 10th century