Grouper roulades with Taleggio PDO and courgettes

Grouper roulades with Taleggio PDO and courgettes

Recipe Details

. Difficulty: Low . Cheese: Taleggio PDO . Servings per: 4 people


Eggless Eggless
Without crustaceans Without crustaceans


2 grouper fillets, total weight 400 g
100 g courgettes
150 g Taleggio PDO
extra virgin olive oil
4 chive stems

to garnish
grilled polenta
tomato concasse
cream of courgettes
a few leaves of basil


Gently flatten the fillets with a mallet, without breaking them down. Cut them in half widthways.

Wash and trim the courgettes, cut into julienne slices and sauté in a frying pan with a little oil and salt. Drain as soon as they are soft. Place them in the middle of each of the 4 fillets, cover with the diced Taleggio PDO and roll up, tying the roulades with a chive stem. Arrange in an oven-proof dish, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and gratinate in a hot oven for a few minutes.

You can serve this dish with slices of grilled polenta, a tomato concasse (seasoned with oil, salt and thyme) or a cream of courgettes prepared by steaming two courgettes and liquidising them, emulsifying with extra virgin olive oil. When the dish is ready, before serving add a few leaves of fresh fragrant basil.

by Corrado Carpi – “La Bigoncia” restaurant – Genoa
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Taleggio cheese
Taleggio cheese

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